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The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross was formed in 2005 by an informal association of  cycling clubs motivated to become the premier cyclocross series across Southern California and the nation! The Prestige Series will host 18 races over 15 weekends from of racing from San Diego to San Luis Obispo - September 2012 to January 2013.

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Up next, 626CX Irwindale Cycle-Fest at 626 Golden Streets Sunday, March 5th. Register HERE



2016-17 SoCalCross Season Schedule:

10/2 SCPS#1: Krosstoberfest 10/2: Register HERE

10/22-23 SPCS2-3: Casitas Cross Weekend: REGISTER HERE

10/29-30 SCPS4-5:  Spooky Cross Weekend: REGISTER HERE

11/7 SCPS6:  Anza Crossing: REGISTER HERE

11/12-13 SLO Cross Weekend: Register HERE

11/19-20 UCI CXLA Weekend:  REGISTER HERE

11/27 Turkey Trot Cross: REGISTER HERE

12/3 CACX Day 1 – Saturday: NABRA District Championships: REGISTER HERE

12/4 CACX Day 2 – Sunday: SCNCA District Championships: REGISTER HERE

12/11 Santa Cross-Finish the Ride Holiday Challenge: REGISTER HERE

12/17-18 SoCal Cross Fever 1/2: NorCal  vs SoCal Championships: REGISTER HERE

11/8/17 Cross Fever #3:  Cross into 2017

1/15 Cross Fever #4:  MoVal C-X-X Challenge!

1/22 Cross Fever #65:  Season Final Celebration


2016 Gravel Ride Schedule:

SoCal Gravel Trofee #1: Pedaler’s Fork 10-Speed Grinder, April 10th: REGISTER HERE

SoCal Gravel Trofee #2: LA Roubaix v.1, May 29th: REGISTER HERE

SoCal Gravel Trofee #3: LA Roubaix v.2, July 17th

SoCal Gravel Trofee #4:  Backbone 2 the Beach Go WEST!  August 21st

SoCal Gravel Trofee #5, Backbone 2 the Beach v.2 EAST! October 15th



Racing Age:  Your CX racing age for the 2016-17 cyclo-cross season is the age you’ll be on December 31, 2017.

An easy way to calculate your CX racing age is 2017 – year of birth. For example, a rider born on March 2, 1979 would have a racing age of (2017 – 1980 =) 37.

Prestige Series categories with age restrictions

Category Racing Age Year of Birth
Youth 6 – 8 2007 – 2010
Junior 9 – 14 9– 14 2002 – 2007
Junior 15 – 18 15 – 18 1999 – 2002
Master 35+ 35 or over 1982 or earlier
Master 45+ 45 or over 1972 or earlier
Master 55+ 55 or over 1962 or earlier

What category do I enter… A, B, or C Race?

A (CX Cat 1-4) is the ELITE fastest group out there – also might be called expert, elite. Highly competitive – if you aren’t an experienced racer (in cyclocross or another discipline) this is likely not the group for you. Open to all USAC CX Categories including one day licenses. USAC CX Category 1-2 for sure, Category 3s with aspirations of upgrades or speed, and Cat 4s with significant experience in other sport disciplines.

B (CX Cat 3-5) is the INTERMEDIATE/SPORT group – faster and more experienced than “C” riders but not at “A” pace yet. Open to USAC CX Category 3 , 4, 5 riders.

C (CX Cat 4-5) is the BEGINNER group – new to racing? You should usually start here and move to “B” when comfortable. Open to USAC CX Category 4-5 and one day licenses only.

Masters is for riders with a racing age (on Dec 31, 2017) equal to or greater than the indicated age.

Masters A (CX1-4) is often the second fastest group on the course, just behind the A race. Basically “A” racers that are older and have family/career commitments.

Masters B (CX 3-5) is generally a bit slower than B, as the average age is higher in the Masters group. For new racers eligible to race masters, you might want to try both “C” and Masters B to see which you prefer.

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