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The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross was formed in 2005 by an informal association of  cycling clubs motivated to become the premier cyclocross series across Southern California and the nation! The Prestige Series will host 18 races over 15 weekends from of racing from San Diego to San Luis Obispo - September 2012 to January 2013.

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Emblem Bicycles

Custom builds. Handmade in the USA!

Emblem Bicycles is a brand and manufacturer of custom bicycles. Through personal online consultation, they give no-nonsense, straight-forward explanations on every decision, so that cyclists can design and understand their dream bikes. Emblem also produces handmade frames welded and designed in the USA, for those who want something even more special.

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Emblem USA is our premium line of handmade custom frames. These craftsman frames are custom built to precisely match your measurements, riding style, and disciplines, so you know that they’ll fit you like a glove. Our builders decades and decades of experience making craftsman bicycles. Emblem USA bikes come with exclusive USA headplates, and have limited release serial number sets.

Tack Welding

When you buy an Emblem Custom, you know that the bike is truly one of a kind. The geometry will be tailor fitted, so the bike’s ergonomics, ride characteristics, and power transfer will be optimized for for proportions and athleticism. You will increase speed and performance while reducing muscle strain and risk of repetitive stress injury. Custom bicycles also allow us to integrate new components, such as hydraulic and disc brake technology integration.

So whether you need a touring steed that goes the distance or a cyclocross beast that cuts corners in peanut butter, start a conversation with us or check out our frames in the “Custom Frames” section of “Our Bikes”.

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