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The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross formed in 2005 by an association of  cycling clubs motivated to become the premier cyclocross series in Southern California and the nation! The SoCalCross Prestige Series hosts races weekly across Southern California kicking off with the Happy Hour Tour series of promotional clinics and events running from September to January each year.  SoCalCross also hosts gravel events in the Spring and Summer signature LA Roubaix kicks off our Spring/Summer gravel ride season!

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California Cyclocross Kicks off Saturday in Sacramento!


California has always been a land of opportunity. For the 2014-15 season, the opportunity for cyclocross enthusiasts throughout the Golden State to get their CX freak on is greater than ever.

The reason? It’s the brand new California Cyclocross Series (CACX). Although California has nearly twice as many licensed bicycle racing competitors than any other state in the nation (according to USA Cycling), the sport here has always had a NorCal/SoCal divide. Too bad, because the state has so much to offer in terms of cultural and geographical diversity.

Dorothy Wong, the longtime director of the SoCalCross Prestige Series, felt that it was time for unification. “We’ve had these conversations every year,” she explained. “As this sport grows, what is the next step? The CACX is really a way to connect the state. We are spread out and to me if it came together it would be a great way to showcase the sport as it occurs across California. [It is] similar to the state itself: one second you’re on the Pacific Coast, the next you’re climbing some mountain pass. I would love the series to showcase the flavors of cyclocross throughout California.”

Wong was able to connect with a couple of the movers and shakers on the NorCal CX scene, who immediately saw the value in a statewide series. According to Marty Woy, a veteran “up north” racer and race organizer “This is awesome! With a State Championship series carved out of events already on the calendar, it’s easier to compete against racers from outside of their regional events.”

The first event of this inaugural CACX season is coming up quick, so SoCal ‘crossers are encouraged to make travel plans as soon as possible. The season opener takes place September 6 in West Sacramento—and it’s going to be off the hook.

Veteran pro competitor and ‘cross advocate Emily Kachorek has been instrumental in the formation of the CACX Series as well as the West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix (#wscxgp) presented by Cedaron Medical. “I’m really excited. It’s going to be a totally awesome event; it’s everything a race should be,” Kachorek commented. “Big-time community support from the city and a lot of outside sponsors have allowed us to offer a generous, equal prize purse for both men and women, the venue is right on the river with great spectating, we’ll have a beer tent and food trucks, live music…it’s going to be a real festival.”

For more information on the WSCXGP, click here www.wscxgp.com. Here’s an idea: if you’re already planning on racing at CrossVegas, make it a road trip and hit West Sacramento a few days before Las Vegas.

And this is just the start. Ten or more events follow on the CACX calendar, and although details are still being hammered out, CACX is currently working with additional promoters and may add one or two more events to the schedule. The potential is huge. As Wong explains, “We’re going to offer the bragging rights for the best in California with jerseys and trophies. I think it will be a fun way to get a sick jersey that says California Champion. [Riders will have] battled their own territory, battled other territories, had a great time—and hopefully taken a beer hand-up. It’s really to showcase culture, fun, and the sport of cyclocross. If it evolves into something bigger, great. If it stays as this really fun, grass roots and California Dreaming thing, where we are just finding a way to get out of our own boundaries or explore another culture, that’s what I’d like to see out of [the California Cyclocross Championship Series].”

Here’s the way the CACX schedule is shaping up:

Sat, Sept. 6: WSCXGP, West Sacramento (USAC)

Fri, Sept. 19: Kamikaze Cross, Mammoth Lakes (NABRA)

Sun, Sept. 21: Bay Area Super Prestige: GP Clark Natwick, San Francisco (USAC)

Sat, Oct 4: SoCalCross Prestige Series: Long Beach CX, Long Beach (NABRA)

Sat.Sun Oct. 25-26: SCPS: Spooky Kross Weekend, Irvine Lake (NABRA)

Sat Nov. 8: Lou’s Night Race, Fresno (ABR)

Nov. 15-16: SLO Cross Weekend, San Luis Obispo (USAC)

Nov. 22-23: UCI CXLA Weekend, Los Angeles (USAC)

Nov 30: Surf City CX, Santa Cruz (NABRA)

Dec. 13: Nor Cal CX: SupCat Cross, San Jose  (NABRA)

Clearly, these events illustrate the diversity of California cyclocross and its growing regional CX scene. The Kamikaze Cross is the first cyclocross event at Mammoth Lakes and is an excellent addition to the wide variety of cycling disciplines featured at the Kamikaze Bike Games. Lou’s Night Race is a classic, requiring lights and featuring warming lamps, live rock ‘n’ roll and more. Top level competition can be found at all and is featured at West Sacramento, Bay Area Super Prestige Grand Prix Clark Natwick, SoCalCross Prestige Series’ SLO Cross and CXLA, both offering USA Cycling ranking and upgrade points. And what more can be said about Spooky Kross Weekend? It’s been one of the most popular stops on the SoCal calendar for years for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the costume race and Halloween party atmosphere.

Points will be tabulated after each race to spotlight leaders in both men’s and women’s categories and ultimately determine the winners in each category. Stand by for additional details!

More information will be available at the new series website: www.CaliforniaCX.com.

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