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The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross was formed in 2005 by an informal association of  cycling clubs motivated to become the premier cyclocross series across Southern California and the nation! The Prestige Series will host 18 races over 15 weekends from of racing from San Diego to San Luis Obispo - September 2012 to January 2013.

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Men A

Racer Points
Brandon Gritters  216.5 
Jason Siegle   204.5 
Kyle Gritters  190 
Brent Prenzlow  181 
Gareth Feldstein  179 

U23 Men

Racer Points
Bailey Eckles  195 
Aubrey Smentkowski  178 
Jack Tucker  112 
Dillen Maurer  89 
Michael Barker  49 

Women A

Racer Points
Amanda Nauman   
Nicole Brandt   
Christina Probert Turner   
Hannah Rae Finchamp   
Madelaine Melcher    

Men B

Racer Points
Rex Roberts  202 
Troy Templin  192 
Griffith Vertican  174 
Curtis Dosier  158 
Chad McKonly  138.5 

Women B

Racer Points
AJ Sura   177.5 
Sasha Perry  158 
Michelle Vanglider  141 
Diana Aguirre  121 
Dara Richman  112 

Men 35+ A

Racer Points
Ryan Dahl  210 
Garnet Vertican  186 
Matt Freeman  169 
Carlos Matias Mendigochea  167 
Eric Bierman  139 

Men 45+ A

Racer Points
Todd Stephenson  201 
David Turner  187 
Derric Swinfurd  167 
Mike McMahon  157 
David Anderson  110 

Men 35+ B

Racer Points
Rob Stotts  206 
Phillip Gray  194 
Daniel Rojas  176 
Miguel Sutter  165 
Jason Gersting  128.5 

Men 45+ B

Racer Points
Jay Lariviere  200 
Eric Gier  186 
Alejandro Medina  154 
Richard Mainville  149 
James Berry  143 

Men 55+

Racer Points
Jon Miller  186 
Jay Thornton  185 
Jonathan Livesay  163 
Carey Downs  160 
Dale Raymond  158 

Women 35+

Racer Points
Leeann Storino  208 
Marilyne Deckman  188 
Carolyn Reeves  153 
Antje Heinz  136 
Laura Morris  135 

Men C

Racer Points
David Matea  160 
Brian Sanchez  149.5 
Abel Romero  145 
Ben Duong  127.5 
Travis Roberson  106.5 

Women C

Racer Points
Julie Swafford  191 
Elaina Alvarez  169 
Isabelle Thompson  161 
Christina Pai  102 
Lisa Buckland  90 

Single Speed A

Racer Points
Alan Zinniker  195 
David Turner  185 
Sergio Cruz  153 
Josh Cady  145 
Thad Sparrow  136 

Single Speed B

Racer Points
Jay Kwan  200 
Miguel Sutter  172 
Hernan Montenegro  154.5 
Rich Hodgson  149 
Mark Campaigne  139 

Single Speed Women

Racer Points
Christina Probert Turner  210 
Dorothy Wong  191 
Amanda Schaper  143 
Robin Kaminsky  141 
Annette Padilla  79 

Junior Men 15-18

Racer Points
Bailey Eckles  202 
Michael Barker  193 
Perry Alvarez  173 
Drew Campaigne  156 
Kevin Barker  149 

Junior Men 10-14

Racer Points
Brody McDonald  189 
Ian Schwartz  172 
Jonah Sanchez  171 
Weston Giem  166.5 
Dominic Turner  149 

Junior Women 15-18

Racer Points
Madelaine Melcher  208 
Courtney Comer  199 
Hannah Eckvahl  156 
Karina Fuentes  87 
Daniel Emter  68 

Junior Women 10-14

Racer Points
Cheyenne Comer  210 
Kylyn McDonald  194 
Jessie Amelia Gillingham  186 
Ivy Koester  147 
Haley Lewis  96 

Youth Boys Age 6-9

Racer Points
Gavin Wright  210 
Liam Gray  200 
Noah Holwick  90 
Copper Deckman  67 
Jaiden Chavez  62 

Girls Youth Age 6-9

Racer Points
Aria Turner  189 
Evelyn Bresee  151 
Livia Sisino  91 
Olivia Lewis  89 
Ella Johnson  42 


Racer Points
The TEAM SoCalCross  4181 
Celo Pacific  3165.5 
Velo Allegro  1803.5 
Team Velocity  1347.5 
Spy Giant Ride  1029 

Masters Men 65+

Racer Points
Robert Llamas  181 
John Donaldson  88 
Bob Macy  63 
Earl   58 
TIE: Gary Devoss / Joey Mackin  54 

Women's U23

Racer Points
Madelaine Melcher  158 
Hannah Rae Finchamp  147 
Hannah Eckvahl  74 
Courtney Comer  18 

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 SoCalCross News BlogView All News Posts

Welcome to the 2014-14 Southern California Cyclocross season!  Here is a glimpse of the 2014-15 SoCalCross Calendar in the works!  We’re finalizing details with updated calendar and registration to open Labor Day Weekend!  We’ve got new and improved Series VIP Passes and virtual registration on site!  UCI CX Los Angeles Weekend showcasing the best in the USA and more!

We’ve got plenty of pre-season events including the SoCalCross Happy Hour Tour Series of clinics, gravel grinders and special events to be announced!  Don’t miss the 2nd Annual Pedal Cross Mulholland from Pedaler’s Fork / 10 Speed Coffee Sunday, September 7th!

Get your ‘Cross on and join us for the SoCal MTB-CX Eliminator Race and Dual in the Dirt Team Relay August 31st ar Corriganville Park Simi Valley!

We’ll also be host the Family-Style CX Clinic and Practice Race at Irvine Regional Park in September  and weekday evening race-clinics across the region to get you ready to go for the season!

Things went askew for the last race of the season as the SoCalCross Crazies got together for one more race in the Southern California Cyclocross season.  150 racers came to celebrate the end of the 2013-14 season and the course made sure everyone remembered… physically and technically challenging and at the same time fun!

This was also the race final for the SoCalCross FEVER Series… 4 races after the 18 race SoCalCross PRESTIGE Series was finished the weekend before the Christmas holiday.  CX into 2014 at Irvine Lake, Hart Park Day One in Bakersfield, Peloton Cross in Ventura County and the Season Finale at Pierce College in Woodland Hills.  The podium would come to those who showed up for the Finale with points worth 1.5x the norm and handed out to top 20 in each category. The Cross Fever Series scored out a few less cats than the Prestige Series and shuffled the order in the schedule with the Single Speed races finishing the day.  The finale ended with the Any Bike Goes/Costume race… in the end everyone a little loopy so it worked out great!  The start was a dance off to the bikes then off for 5 laps of fun!

As “seriousness” aside, it was a day of fun competition with long drawn out start on the famed Pierce College dirt cross country running track and then up into the Forest hill and down the switchback course not long after looping back up the “sprinter hill” which either turned into a long run up or a bunny hop over a 6″ ramped plywood and grind to the top!

Pictured is Robin Kaminsky (Black Sheep Squadron) and Dot Wong (The TEAM SoCalCross) battling it out in the Women’s A/B race and a great battle between them with Dot getting the gap on the final lap for the win.  In the Men’s A/B race Brent Prenzlow (Celo Paficic/Focus) and Eric Nelson (Mudfoot) dabbled it out for the first couple laps with Brent taking his power to get his gap and a commanding win.  Dot and Brent took the Cross Fever A titles a nice way to finish off the season.

Thank you to everyone who raced this season and especially to our wonderful staff, all the volunteers, teams and sponsors who make SoCalCross go round and round :)  See you soon!

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