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The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross was formed in 2005 by an informal association of  cycling clubs motivated to become the premier cyclocross series across Southern California and the nation! The Prestige Series will host 18 races over 15 weekends from of racing from San Diego to San Luis Obispo - September 2012 to January 2013.

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  Voler Leaderboard

Men A

Racer Points
Alfredo Pacheco  158.5 
Rex Roberts  132 
Brent Prenzlow  131.5 
John Behrens  128.5 
Brandon Gritters  123 

U23 Men

Racer Points
Spencer Rathkamp  174.5 
Aubrey Smentkowski  131.5 
Michael Barker  100.5 
Bailey Eckles  95 
Dillen Maurer  67 

Women A

Racer Points
Summer Moak  154 
Christina Probert-Turner  140.5 
Amanda Nauman  126 
Nicole Brandt  118 
McKenzie Melcher  110 

Men B

Racer Points
Chad McKonly  167 
Ian Schwartz  163.5 
Ara Movsessian  132 
Curtiss Dosier  121.5 
Griffith Vertican  119.5 

Women B

Racer Points
Terra Kier  148.5 
Katie Bennet  146 
Elaina Alvarez  128 
Isabelle Thompson  99.5 
Kora Colasunno  99 

Men 35+ A

Racer Points
Ryan Dahl  161 
David McNeal  157.5 
Erik Johnson  150 
Garnet Vertican  148 
Carlos Matias Mendigocha  139 

Men 45+ A

Racer Points
Mike McMahon  165.5 
Derric Swinfard  139 
Troy Gielish  135.5 
Eric Gier  135 
Jay Lariviere  127.5 

Men 35+ B

Racer Points
Ben Duong  146.5 
Bryant Likes  141.5 
Daniel Rojas  136 
Jason Gersting  135 
Moses Berkson  127.5 

Men 45+ B

Racer Points
Mike Giroux  168.5 
James Berry  154.5 
Miguel Sutter  148.5 
Travis Roberson  138.5 
Michael Williams  136 

Men 55+

Racer Points
Jay Thornton  169.5 
Carey Downs  165.5 
Jon Miller  163 
Jonathan Livesay  142 
Frank Said  140.5 

Women 35+

Racer Points
Lisa Phillips  145.5 
Isabelle Thompson  143 
Carol Ruckle  109 
Nora Hipolito  99.5 
AJ Sura  94.5 

Men C

Racer Points
Martin Johnson  146 
Kevin Kraus  128 
Eric Poholsky  116 
Jake Jacot  115 
James Stonich  108 

Women C

Racer Points
Lisa Phillips  156 
Nora Hipolito  131.5 
Susan Dosier  127.5 
Leticia Montanez  125 
Jen Robinson  109.5 

Single Speed A

Racer Points
Alan Zinniker  161 
Jay Kwan  153 
Mike McMahon  135.5 
Eric Nelson  113.5 
David Turner  111.5 

Single Speed B

Racer Points
Ben Doung  161.5 
Jake Peters  152 
David Sherwin  146 
Rich Hodgson  139 
George Cook  125.5 

Single Speed Women

Racer Points
Christina Probert-Turner  178.5 
Dorothy Wong  171.5 
Isabelle Thompson  154.5 
Betty Duong  76.5 
Caitlin Trahan   38 

Junior Men 15-18

Racer Points
Kevin Barker  170.5 
Drew Campaigne   157.5 
P.J. Alvarez  56 
Parker Rous  54 
Rodrigo Mendez  53.5 

Junior Men 9-14

Racer Points
Brody McDonald  175.5 
Dominic Turner  160 
Lance Araiza  157.5 
Jameson Campaigne  139 
Liam Olson  138 

Junior Women 15-18

Racer Points
Kylyn McDonald  178.5 
Cortney Comer  99 
Summer Moak  82 
Jesse Amelia Gillingham  36 
Ivy Koester  19 

Junior Women 9-14

Racer Points
Jesse Amelia Gillingham  174.5 
Emily Crouse  166.5 
Cheyenne Comer  63 
Olivia Lawson  56 
Hannah Tessler  45 

Youth Boys Age 6-9

Racer Points
Cooper Campaigne  168.5 
Luke Mabry  83 
Anthony Locascio  71 
Jacob Sklaver  47.5 
Copper Deckman / Enzo Mitchell  40 

Girls Youth Age 6-9

Racer Points
Aria Turner  178.5 
Livia Sisno  99 
Sofia Lawson  53 
Aimee Deckman / Lauren Dougal  38 
Ella Johnson  38 

Masters Men 65+

Racer Points
Robert Llamas  178.5 
Dean Ferrandini  166 
Steve Brown  157.5 
John Donaldson  118 
Michael Jenkins  37 

Women's U23

Racer Points
Summer Moak  154 
McKenzie Melcher  110 
Maddie Melcher  30 
Courtney Comer  29 
Hannah Eckvahl  15 


Racer Points
TEAM SoCalCross p/b Jenson USA  2952 
Celo Pacific  2676.5 
Montrose Bike Shop  2320.5 
Knobbe Martens IP LAW  1961.5 
Velo Allegro  1639 

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Wishing you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY with your loved ones and resting up for the fun times ahead!

The SoCalCross season will resume the weekend after Christmas with Cross Fever Series Races #1.2: Cross into 2015 Weekend at Lakeview Park-Baja Beach Beach Club! Home to this year’s Spooky Cross and our third year at this venue we’ll return with a course mixing the past few seasons for a fun-challenging design!  Hope you can make it for the last month of the season and a great tune up race for those heading to Austin, TX for Nationals. Hope to see you there!

Register online at: www.SoCalCross.org/ register Race Day registration is available and opens at 8AM – Saturday and 7AM – Sunday.

Race Flyer at: GOOGLE doc

Google Map Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/HAO36

Address: 5305 E. Santiago Canyon Road Silverado CA 92676 Address is tricky. Follow map to Oak Canyon/Lakeview just south of Irvine Fishing Lake.  From the North via Santiago Canyon Road go past the fishing lake and make the first left turn follow signs straight ahead to Lakeview Park – Baja Beach Club and turn left into the Park.

Questions? hello@socalcross.org

SATURDAY, DEC 27th  SCHEDULE:  *Due to windy conditionss expected overnight Friday we’ve moved the races ONE HOUR later and following this revised schedule for Saturday’s races.

9:00AM Cross Country RUN (or walk) into 2015 – 2 laps running or 1 lap walking the CX course!

10:00AM Juniors 9-14 and 15-18 (30 min), First Timer and  Youth (1 lap)

11:00AM Masters Men 35+; 45+ (45 min)

12:00PM Men 55+ 65+ Women A/B/C (40 min)

12:50PM Kiddie and Doggie Cross

1:00PM Men A/B (50 min)

1:10PM Ugly Sweater N’ Bubbly Team Relay Race!

2:00PM Single Speed Men Women, Men C: Beginner (40 min)


8:00AM Cross Country 2-5k RUN/WALK: 2 laps or 1 lap walk
8:30AM Course open for CX Preview
9:00AM Juniors 9-14 and 15-18 (30 min)
9:02AM Youth (1 lap)
10:00AM Masters Men 35+; 45+ (45 min)
11:00AM Men 55+ 65+ Women A/B/C (40 min)
11:50AM Kiddie and Doggie Cross
12:00PM Men A/B (50 min)
12:10PM Ugly Sweaters N’ Bubbly Team Relay Race!
1:00PM Single Speed Men Women, Men C: Beginner (40 min)


Get your SoCalCross goodies, support bicycling advocacy AND earn your chance to win a set of carbon clincher wheels from American Classic!  Learn more HERE

December 14, 2014, Woodland Hills, Calif. Words and images by Philip Beckman/PB Creative

Despite a late-week pummeling from a hand-wringing Pacific storm that spawned drama throughout California (and caused at least one CX event to be postponed), the final round of the SoCalCross Prestige Series went off as planned. Sort of. Santa Cross was intended to be a doubleheader race weekend, but a sunny Saturday was instead spent draining puddles and rerouting sections of the course to avoid the stickiest situations.  When participants arrived the next day, many wondered what the fuss was all about. The SoCalCross crew had done a yeoman’s job of cleaning things up and keeping it real. Very little mud was to be found, in fact, and after the first couple of races the surface was more akin to Velcro®.  That’s not to say the course was easy by any means. The familiar Pierce College venue on the west end of the San Fernando Valley is basically a large bowl. The start/finish area, expo and team tents are located at the bottom, and the course is pointed up and down the sides and around the rim. This makes for several challenging climbs and tricky switchback descents, as well as some of the highest top speeds experienced all season.  It was a yuletime holiday scene with an enormous pile of “presents” being doled out to podium finishers in all classes. But what many had come for was not gifts but glory. This final event, Round 14, was offering 1.5x the usual points — a rider’s best eight finishes throughout the season are counted — so any athlete with an eye on the standings needed to throw down.

Brent Prenzlow did just that in the Elite Men’s class, with authority. This 46-year-old from Carlsbad knows how to win a cyclocross race. Coming into Santa Cross, the Celo Pacific/Focus-backed rider had won 119 SoCalCross events (as well as five overall championships, eight district championships and a UCI event). In short, he’s the godfather of ‘cross in SoCal.  Prenzlow hung out at the back of a five-man group that had escaped the field on just the second lap. Included were youngsters Rex Roberts (Velo Allegro), Spencer Rathkamp (H&S Bikes), Michael Barker (Team Velocity) and, in the Voler Series Leader jersey, Alfred Pacheco (Buena Park Bikes). These five circulated the course half a dozen times in nose-to-tail formation.

With three to go, a relatively fresh Prenzlow surprised the group with an attack during a lull in the pace on a long flat section out of sight from the spectators. The others apparently deemed the move unlikely to succeed, because they looked at each other and then watched Prenzlow ride away. Within a lap, Prenzlow had wedged open a significant gap, and time was quickly running out. He eased up on the final go-round and had plenty of time to celebrate down the final straight. Make that 120.

Pacheco outsprinted Roberts for runner-up, clinching the championship in his first year of CX racing. Rathkamp rolled in for fourth, and Barker completed the podium shortly thereafter. Although Pacheco did not enjoy a CX victory this season, his uncanny consistency was key.

The Elite Women’s event was a runaway as well, and again, it was performed by one of the series veterans. Christina Probert-Turner (Turner Bikes.com/The TEAM), 47 years young, rode away from 15-year-old Summer Moak (Felt/K-Edge) at the halfway mark and remained unchallenged the rest of the way. Christine Pai (Knobbe Martens Intellectual Property Law) was able to reel in Moak on the last lap for second place. Robin Kaminsky (StageOne) took a hard fall on the switchback descent on lap two, but was able to shake it off and finish fourth.  Like Pacheco, Moak leveraged consistent podium finishes (but no wins), to easily claim the Women’s crown. Both Moak and Probert-Turner (series runner-up) pointed out that not having contenders Amanda Nauman and Nicole Brandt in regular attendance had an affect on the results throughout the year.

Santa Cross may have been the final event in this series, but the SoCalCross Prestige Series folks will be firing up the post-season, three-event Cross Fever Series following a short break for Christmas. For more information and to stay connected to all SoCalCross PRESTIGE SERIES activities, be sure to bookmark SoCalCross.org as well as follow it all on Facebook and Twitter.

Complete Santa Cross and SoCalCross Prestige Series Overall RESULTS can be found: HERE

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