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The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross was formed in 2005 by an informal association of  cycling clubs motivated to become the premier cyclocross series across Southern California and the nation! The Prestige Series will host 18 races over 15 weekends from of racing from San Diego to San Luis Obispo - September 2012 to January 2013.

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Men A

Racer Points
Alfredo Pacheco  157 
Brandon Gritters  149 
Brent Franze  87 
Scott Lundy  79 
Kent Hammond  59 

U23 Men

Racer Points
Brent Franze  155 
Christian Husband  82 
Brody McDonald  75 
Tydeman Newman  56 
Joshua Valberg  38 

Women A

Racer Points
Diana Sjol  128 
Nicole Meichtry  125 
Terra Kier  119 
Christina Probert   92 
Jean Miller  90 

Men B

Racer Points
Clint Allen  133 
Matthew Smith  133 
Gregory Goodwine  126 
Ara Movsession  106 
Martin Rushworth  87 

Women B

Racer Points
Stephanie Ortega  146 
Shelly Rolandson  99 
Lynn Kennedy  93 
Rhea Aldridge  87 
Liesel Lemay  75 

Men 35+ A

Racer Points
David McNeal  124 
Benjamin Goyette  123 
Rick Hoak  64 
Kent Hammond  61 
Matt Freeman  57 

Men 45+ A

Racer Points
Garnet Vertican  133 
Derric Swinfard  123 
Robert Donovan  120 
Bryant Likes  102 
Chuck Anderson  86 

Men 35+ B

Racer Points
Jason Morin  120 
Justin Christopher  90 
Joey Lanza  84 
Carter Chappell   77 
Ian Richer  66 

Men 45+ B

Racer Points
Alex Teno  135 
David Matea  108 
George Cook  95 
Kevin Nix  88 
Jose Vigil  87 

Men 55+

Racer Points
Shannon Scott  142 
Tim Marshall  113 
Charlie Stone  104 
David Sherwin  68 
Lee McEachern  65 

Women 35+

Racer Points
Ursula Luciani  90 
Kim Jaya  81 
Tar Demarco  74 
Reanne Napoleon  55 
Edina Fuzesi  38 

Women 45+

Racer Points
Sonia Ross  151 
Isabelle Thompson  139 
Kristen Van Rooyen  81 
Sue Donahugh  76 
Christina Turner  40 

Women 55+

Racer Points
Leticia Montanez  143 
Tina Burch  100 
Kathy Martin  60 
City Fenton   59 
Keli Roberts   55 

Single Speed Men A

Racer Points
George Cook  113 
Andrew Engel  90 
Brandon Gritters  84 
Paul Hernandez  73 
David Turner  57 

Single Speed Men B

Racer Points
Denis Faye  122 
Alain Luna  79 
Nils Erik Hilliard  77 
Andrew Elias  69 
Chistian Kondratowicz  68 

Single Speed Women

Racer Points
Dorothy Wong  125 
Lynn Kennedy   93 
Stephanie ORtego  93 
Christian Turner  82 
Rhea Aldridge   81 

Junior Boys 15-18

Racer Points
Zeke Van Rooyen  144 
Josiah Vigil  55 
Evan Welman  38 
Sam Hammond  36 
Dominic Turner  30 

Junior Boys 9-14

Racer Points
Alexander Likes  143 
James Likes  127 
Liam Olson  119 
Spencer Snee  103 
Evan Meuller  54 

Junior Women 15-18

Racer Points
Emily Crouse  63 

Junior Women 9-14

Racer Points
Olivia Lawson  84 
Sofia Lawson   74 
Eire Chen  61 
Maris Bronson  19 
Kylee Pozdolski   18 

Youth Boys Age 6-9

Racer Points
Ashton Lanza  79 
Thomas Moision  74 
Levi LeFlores  52 
Arjuna Burgos  42 
Zachary Ruzzin  40 

Youth Girls Age 6-9

Racer Points
Summer Luciani  168 
Autumn Luciani  149 
Aine Chen  75 

Masters Men 65+

Racer Points
Jonathan Livesay  139 
Jon Miller  105 
Roger Jorgensen   90 
Rovert Llamas  86 
John Donaldson  63 


Racer Points
Jack Hewitt  84 
George Orloff  39 
Peter Dixon  38 
Uvaldo Resendez  37 
Edam Evard  36 

Collegiate Wome

Racer Points
April Lackpour   63 

Women C - Beginner

Racer Points
Kara Dutton  60 
Savannah Reyburn  58 
Abby Epton  54 
Gemma Casillias  39 
Emily Crouse  37 

Men C - Beginner

Racer Points
8 Tied with   60 

Masters Men 35+ C

Racer Points
4 Tied with   60 

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 SoCalCross News BlogView All News Posts

SoCalCross PRESTIGE SERIES brings a Pop-Up Bike Park to Metro presents San Fernando Street Festival complete with Kiddie Cross Course and Tot Track with Garden Seating and VIP Kiddie Parking Lot! The course will include a Bio-Swail Cross-Over, Ramps, Sand Pit, Skills Ladder and of course, the family friendly, Hand Up Zone! Donuts and Tacos!!!

Bring the family and join us this Sunday, March 31st! 9:30AM-2PM

Stay up to date at: Kiddie Cross at San Fernando Street Festival

Metro presents San Fernando Street Festival via web: www.sfstreetfest.com

Registration is open at Eventbrite.com
LA Roubaix is an urban adventure!

100k and 50k routes options featuring some of the best sectors of dirt and off-road spaces around LA!

Timed Results & Finisher Trophies, TACO BAR & Craftsman BREW to all participants!
SAG Support along the way! Proceeds benefit building bike parks and trails!




Join SoCalCross and Cicle L.A. for a FUN bike ride 3 miles tour through the heart of the Claremont Colleges and historic homes with the first stop at Grizzby’s Biscuits & Donuts then onto the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden for their Spring Wild Flower Tour!

We’ll roll on to the Pacific Electric Trail head for 6 more adventurous miles along the PE Trail to Rancho Cucamongna over Route 66. The PE continues east another 10+ miles for those wanting more.

We’ll circle back for lunch and beverages at Rescue Brewing Company and one of the 10 best pizza places in downtown Upland!

Save the drive and take Metrolink $10 weekend pass!

The 14th Annual Turkey Trot Cross went off as expected with teams coming together from across the region just like we never left it.  The famed and Favorite Verdugo Park cyclo-cross Course has been touted as one of the best courses the the race calendar each year.  A mix of grass, dirt, pavement and challenging loose dirt sections flows best at this Glendale Park.  It also marked the first race of the 2017-18 season in Los Angeles County, so the crowed was more than ready for this one!

Enjoy the weekly live stream commentary recap video by  Ben Goyette Thursdays via YouTube! Check out the replay here:

YouTube Preview Image

Up next, CACX Championships as SoCalCross moves to Vermont Canyon Park at the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park.  This will be the 8th year SoCalCross has been hosting cyclo-cross in Griffith Park. We hope the City of Los Angeles will continue to support bicycling recreation and this sport in the Park into the future despite the demand for car parking and the popularity of viagra online the Observatory that sits just above the Park!

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