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The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross was formed in 2005 by an informal association of  cycling clubs motivated to become the premier cyclocross series across Southern California and the nation! The Prestige Series will host 18 races over 15 weekends from of racing from San Diego to San Luis Obispo - September 2012 to January 2013.

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  Voler Leaderboard

Men A

Racer Points
Brandon Gritters  176.5 
Scott Lundy  163 
Alfred Pacheco  159.5 
Brent Franze  137.5 
Garrett Follmuth  129 

U23 Men

Racer Points
Brent Franze  174.5 
Aubrey Smentkowski  162 
Christian Husband  117 
Nicolas Padilla  60 
Andrew Doody  46.5 

Women A

Racer Points
Terra Kier Donovan  178.5 
Wilhelmina Zuckerman  146 
Marilyne Deckman  103.5 
Cheyenne Comer  85 
Robin Kaminsky  76.5 

Men B

Racer Points
Brody McDonald  167.5 
Kenten Harris  163 
Kevin Kraus  149.5 
Greg Goodwine  143.5 
Arin McGunigle  132.5 

Women B

Racer Points
Diana Sjol  176.5 
Susannah Lowber  153.5 
Laurie Grube  145.5 
Sonia Ross  143 
Nicole Meichtry  140 

Men 35+ A

Racer Points
Kent Hammond  161 
Rob Donovan  150 
Jean-Paul Bour  130 
David McNeal  113.5 
Matt Freeman  102.5 

Men 45+ A

Racer Points
Emilio Cervantes  173.5 
Garnet Vertican  167.5 
Alejandro Medina  117 
Curtis Dosier  117 
Tim Haley  103 

Men 35+ B

Racer Points
Zac Drake  155.5 
Rick Hoak  149 
Joey Lanza  130 
Colin Rose  127.5 
Mike Greenlee  126 

Men 45+ B

Racer Points
Josh Meehan  173.5 
Nick Humby  163 
Chuck Anderson  147.5 
Alex Teno   139.5 
Dave Lippert  138.5 

Men 55+

Racer Points
Greg Fenton  178.5 
James Nelms  160 
Eric Gier  154.5 
David Sherwin  140.5 
Dave Culbertson  132 

Women 35+

Racer Points
Marilyne Deckman  174,5 
Tara DeMarco  152.5 
Edina Fusezi  102 
Diana Aquirre  74 
Cheryl Claes  63 

Women 45+

Racer Points
Isabelle Thompson  150.5 
Kristen Van Rooyen  141 
Rebecca Buck Silva  136.5 
Leticia Montanez  133.5 
Carolyn Reeves  118 

Women 55+

Racer Points
Kathy Martin  164 
Tina Burch  151.5 
Carson Bond  103 
Carol Ruckle  93 
Elizabeth Thibodeau  91 

Single Speed Men A

Racer Points
Alan Zinniker  158 
Kenten Harris  151.5 
Paul Hernandez  147 
Greg Garth  135 
Andrew Engel  129 

Single Speed Men B

Racer Points
Jason Quan  150 
George Cook  145.5 
Nils Erik Hilliard  136 
Steven Cordero  134 
Chris Olson  133 

Single Speed Women

Racer Points
Dorothy Wong  176.5 
Susannah Lowber  147 
Isabelle Thompson  132 
Rhea Aldridge  130.5 
Edina Fuzesi  106 

Junior Boys 15-18

Racer Points
Brody McDonald  178.5 
Mateo Abascal  152.5 
Tydeman Newman  134 
Aaron Ward  58 
Brent Franze  42 

Junior Boys 9-14

Racer Points
Dominic Turner  164 
Zeke Van Rooyen  173.5 
Liam Olson  156 
Spencer Ward  87.5 
Evan Mueller  85 

Junior Women 15-18

Racer Points
Cheyenne Comer  175.5 
Ashley Lopez  166.5 
Kylyn McDonald  159 
Courtney Comer  36 
Tayla Tessler / Talya Tessler  35 

Junior Women 9-14

Racer Points
Oliva Lawson  168.5 
Jesse Gillingham  168 
Emily Crouse  165.5 
Sofia Lawson  128.5 
Aria Turner  113.5 

Youth Boys Age 6-9

Racer Points
Thomas Moision  168.5 
Asthon Lanza  56 
Theo Greive  54 
Cooper Campaigne  42 
Andrew Klein  42 

Youth Girls Age 6-9

Racer Points
Summer Luciani  178.5 
Olive Everton  42 
Lilly Guyer  38 
Chloe Lorenza  36 
Sami Carroll, Leila & Cate Johnson  21 

Masters Men 65+

Racer Points
Jon Miller  168 
Howard MIller  147 
Robert LLamas  146 
R. LEE Willmore  141.5 
John Ruger  135 


Racer Points
Trevor Johnson  161.5 
Uvaldo Resendez  126 
Justin Runac  97 
Adam Evard   125.5 
Nathan Torres  89 

Collegiate Women

Racer Points
McKenzie Melcher  63 
Isabelle Phrener  21 
Katherine Nadler  19 
Ondine Izuno  18 
Emily Howard  17 

Women C - Beginner

Racer Points
Liesel Lamey  91.5 
Meg Whitney  88.5 
Lee O'Rielly  82.5 
Susan Hall  74 
Tamera Brown  72 

Men C - Beginner

Racer Points
Clint Allen  91.5 
Christian Vazquez  88.5 
Sam Wiernucki  85.5 
Liam Olson  82.5 
Simon Collins  78 

Masters Men 35+ C

Racer Points
Kevin Nix  91.5 
Andrea Sorini  87 
Taylor Burch  82.5 
Gilbert Lee  79.5 
Craig Bubenstein  77 

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YouTube Preview Image

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Event Type: SCPS Race
Event Date: Sat/Sun Oct 21, 22 2017 Start Time: 9AM
Venue: Lake Casitas Location: 11311 Santa Ana Road
Ventura CA 93001

SoCalCross returns to Lake Casitas in Ventura – October 21-22st!


  • RideCX.com Beginner Clinics before each race!, CX Demo/Rental Bikes featuring Raleigh and Focus CX Bikes!
  • Two Days of Prestige Series Racing for all Levels including youth & first timer!
  • Spooky Costume Race benefiting the California Wildlife Federation! Kiddie and Doggie Cross too Costume Race each day!
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest Saturday!
  • Halloween Movie Saturday Night!
  • Camping FUN at Campground Grebe!
  • Sponsor Expo featuring Cyclelogical clearance sale! Pedal or Die Racing! GearGrinderz Coffee Cold Brew on Tap! Chef Stroh’s CaliforniCajun in the house Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

YouTube Preview Image

SATURDAY 10/21 and SUNDAY 10/22



* Race day Registration is available 2 hours before each race start.

Weekend Race schedule!

CX Bike Rental – Focus & Raleigh CX Gravel Bikes
Brought to you by: Around the Cycle & Raleigh Santa Monica
SAT 10/21: https://www.bikereg.com/spookycx-bike-day1
SUN 10/22: https://www.bikereg.com/spookycx-bike-day2


Cyclo-Cross defined: laps of a short (2.5–3.5  km or 1.5–2  mile) bicycle racing featuring pavement, dirt road, fields, hills and Obstacles forcing riders to dismount and sometime run and shoulder bikes.   MTB are okay for cyclocross.  First timer clinic and demo CX bikes available.

Lake Casitas course terrain: Hilly sloped course, with dirt (mud) track, gravel and some paved road. loose sand and uneven sections. Course features include: Barriers, run up steps, climbing, technical descents and challenging corners.  DISTANCE approx. 2.5 km . SAMPLE route from 2016 course via Strava HERE


TO RESERVE YOUR CAMP SPACE in CAMPGROUND “G” aka GREBE, CALL Guest Services at: 805-649-1122 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Participants should mention they will be camping in G for SOCAL CYCLOCROSS. Campground G does not have hookups. We will also have CAMP Share Group Camping options to help save $$$. Get yours available online with registration at BikeReg.com.

If you want hook-ups check out nearby areas “F” Fox or “E” Egrete are nearest to Grebe where the race is taking place!

DIRECTIONS/MAPS: Head to Lake Casitas Recreation Area – Ventura, CA then head to Campground “G” aka Grebe

Address: 11311 Santa Ana Rd, Ventura, CA 93001
Day Parking is $10 with parking fee included in parking for up to 1 car per site. $12.50 add’l vehicles.

Google Map Directions Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Eq87b3mKYSy


Ojai and Ventura have great options.  Air BnB.  More info coming soon!

Event Information

SCPS 3/4-Spooky Crossitas by dot


casitas map 2018
Event Type: SCPS Race
Event Date: Sat/Sun Oct 28, 29 2017 Start Time: 8:00 AM
Venue: Corriganville Park Location: 7001 Smith Rd
Simi Valley CA 93063

Corriganville Park in Simi Valley is the home of the Showdown!  Bringing CX, XC Run, MTB Relay Race together for a weekend of fun!

YouTube Preview Image


Corriganville COURSE
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